Team Building is the regular activity of  Ampharco U.S.A every year. In May 2012, all members of Ampharco U.S.A included BOD- managers and staffs joined in the Team Building in Dalat with the theme “Ampharco’s style” . This theme had the target to affirmed our character in pharmaceutical’s market in Vietnam. Those are our products and labour force.

In 3 days 2 nights, we so excited to joined in all extracurricular activites like as: picnic; team games; went on the sightseeing of Dalat, Gala Dinner… Especially, all of us was looking forward to joined in the Gala Dinner. With creative power, all members of Ampharco U.S.A made some funny and attractive contributions like as: fashion show; singing; danced on the hot year song “Gangnam’s style”…

The quality of work’s environment is the one of important targets helped AmpharcoU.S.A  was keeping the success and incessant development whole times. BOD always wanted to build the perfect work’s environment with the high professionally, friendly and solidary. That’s why BOD often was organizing Team Building and training for all employees. They helped employees’s spirits got better and worked hard more.





(From Ampharco U.S.A)